Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.37 No.4)

Volume 37 Number 4

July - August 1999 Issue



    The Will to Control….. Hypertension

    Rafael R. Castillo, M.D.

Clinical Studies

Clinical Profile of Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Anna Lynda Bellen, M.D., and Camilo Roa, Jr, M.D.

Accuracy and Precision in EKG Readings: A Methods Paper

Harvey C. Mateo, M.D., Kenneth Y. Hartigan-Go, M.D., Ellie May Belarmino-Villegas, M.D., Rene Blencaver, M.D., Gladys Ruth S. David, M.D., Elvira H. Gatchalian, M.D., Louis J. Montero, M.D., Maria Victoria B. Rivera, M.D., Myla Gloria Salazar-Supe, M.D., and Ma. Theresa E. Umali, M.D.

Qualitative Cardiac Troponin-T Determination

Henry L. Chan, M.D., and Wilson Tan De Guzman, M.D.

Assessment of the Quality of Care of Patients with Unstable Angina

Rochelle K. Cauton-Valera, M.D., Virginia S. Delos Reyes, M.D., Cecilia A. Jimeno, M.D., and Antonio Miguel Dans, M.D.

Short Course Therapy of Blood Culture

Adrian C. Peña V aurilyn C. Lim, M.D., Jennifer A. Chua, M.D., and Ronellio Cabuling, M.D.

SGPT and PTT as Early Predictors of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Raquel M. Encarna, M.D., and Honorata G. Baylon, M.D.

Hemorrhagic Manifestations among Adult Patients

Willy S. ALba, M.D., Roel B. Cecilio, M.D., Myrna T. Deresas, M.D., Jonathan Benette C. Sy, M.D., Serafin David Serapio, M.D., and Manolito L. Chua, M.D

Clinico-Hematologic Proofile of Patient with HELLP Syndrome

Leilani Yee-Cabahug, M.D., and Norma M. Oma, M.D.

Histologic Classification of the Gastric Antrum

Ridy Kiok Go, M.D., Lamberto H. Garcia, M.D., Alma Malilong, M.D., And Rena Pedaria, M.D.

Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy for Thyroid Nodules

Jude P. Guiang, M.D., Edna Vinegas-Alcantara, M.D., Leilani Mercado-Asis, M.D., and Leisa F. Magboo-Graviola, M.D.

Correlates of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Stephanie C. Tan, M.D., and Gerry H. Tan, M.D.

Case Reports

    Adrenal Carcinoma- A Case Report and Review of Literature

    Rollin P. Tabuena, M.D., Melanie A. Tendencia, M.D., Grace Ariete, M.D., Joel Advincula Dolores Octaviano,          M.D., Benjamin Legaa, M.D., and Matias Apistar, M.D.

Application for Residency/ Internship Evaluation