The Filipino Internist Labor Day Special

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Para sa bawat manggagawang Pilipino saan man sa mundo, para sa inyong mga sakripisyo,

kami ay saludo sa inyo!


 Read the Article: Selfless Until the End: Dr. Rosalinda Pulido, Medical Oncologist

“Our sister is not just a COVID-19 patient number. She is a true hero – a selfless, compassionate, and dedicated doctor…”


Read the Article: A Great Pillar, An Enduring Inspiration: Dr. Roberto “Bobby” V. Anastacio, Cardiologist

“He was the best boss we had, so kind and compassionate to his patients and to us. He was so generous to us; we love him so much…”

Read the Article: “Kiko was not afraid to die...”: Another brave cardiologist, Dr. Francisco Lukban

“He has gone ahead of us because he believes he has a better chance of fighting COVID by being a ‘frontliner’ up in heaven, giving supplication for us left behind.”


Read the Article: His Wonderful Soul: Remembering Dr. Joel Mendoza

“He was one of the liveliest, smartest and most dynamic people I knew, and his sarcastic wisecracks were witty and hilarious.”


Read the Article: 'Doki' to the barrios: Dr. Israel Bactol's commitment to serve

“They say that when you die, you won’t be remembered by the wealth you made or the awards you received, but by the lives you touched.”

Read the article: A Most Gracious Man: A Tribute to Dr. Dennis Tudtud

“I have seen, heard and read about his capacity for startling compassion, those unguarded moments when he forgot about himself and offered kindness in its sincerest form. Every time, he entered the room, spoke his mind and bared his heart, the cold, cruel and constricting world became a better one to live in.”


Read the article: A Tower of Strength and Leadership: Remembering Dr. Raul Jara 

“One who has spent his life teaching. One who never got tired to impart knowledge and wisdom. One who made you sweat as he bombards you with questions but would suddenly make you feel at ease as he breaks into a smile,”


Read the Article: Hapdi ma’y Malalim: A Poem for Dr. Janette Dancel-Liban


“I wrote this poem as a tribute to Dr. Janette Dancel Liban, a friend and a faithful member of Knox UMC. Thank you, Lord, for her life. This poem intends also to appreciate and to pray all the frontliners all over the globe who are very much committed to do their part to battle this COVID 19. Praise God for their lives.”