- Date last updated:  2024 April 19

An APPLICATION PORTAL for Fellow Status shall be opened during the last quarter of the calendar year. 

To attain the Fellow Status in the College, a Diplomate in Internal Medicine must fulfill the following requirements: 

  1. Submission of pertinent documents must be received by the PCP National Secretariat at least 2 months prior to the date of the Annual or Midyear Convention/Congress. [PCP Board Resolution #10, Series 2016-17]
  2. All candidates for the Fellowship Status must have maintained a Diplomate status in good standing during the prescribed period i.e., Two (2) full fiscal years immediately prior to the date of application.

           Rule 2.1 Endorsement letters from two (2) PCP Fellows who are also in good standing:

2.1. A   The PCP Fellow must know the Diplomate on the professional level at the minimum during the last two years of active practice (i.e.,in the  Philippines) of the Diplomate being endorsed

2.1.B    The PCP Fellow in good standing shall endorse a Diplomate for Fellow status based on the following criteria

1)   The Diplomate is deemed to be a good colleague in terms of clinical, and/or academic practice; OR, deemed to be adherent to the application of the principles and standards of Internal Medicine in one’s health-related administrative position, be it in government and/or medical institution.

2)   The Diplomate is deemed to practice medicine with high ethical standards.

3)   The Diplomate is deemed to be of good moral character

  Rule 2.2  Documents attesting to compliance of the required PCP-CPD units per fiscal year (i.e. 15 CPD units/year) for the last 2 consecutive years.

  Rule 2.3  Certification of ANY of the following accomplishments:

                       1) Subspecialty Fellowship Training.

                       2) Active Int. Medicine Practice &/or Teaching (signed by the Hospital Medical Director/Department Chair/Chapter President).

                       3) Completed research during the prescribed period (i.e., copy of the abstract).

                       4) Certificate of Employment for a health-related administrative position, be it in government and/or medical institution.

   Rule 2.4 List of active participation to PCP related and other community activities (mention the specific activity / nature of participation / exact date of activity)      certified by the Local PCP Chapter/ PCP Committee Head/ PCP-accredited Training Institution.

   Rule 2.5 Photocopy of the Certificate of Membership to the Philippine Medical Association, or photocopy of the PMA Identification Card.

3. Prompt payment of annual membership due within the current fiscal year (i.e., June 1 till May 31 of the following year) and other financial obligations;

4. Attendance in 2 consecutive annual and 1 midyear convention/s and business meetings of the College within the 2 year prescription period prior to induction as Fellow; 

The privileges of a Fellow in good standing include the authority to use the letters FPCP (Fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians) in connection with scientific publications, professional and academic functions and professional activities; the right to vote and be voted upon; to hold office; propose and endorse candidates for membership and Fellowship and all other entitlements and benefits that come with Fellowship in the PCP. 

Fellows are categorized as follows:

Life Membership may be obtained by any Regular Fellow in good standing who has served the college for at least seven (7) consecutive years and upon favorable recommendation by any regular fellow and the chair of the Committee on Credentials and Membership.  The corresponding certificate attesting to such status shall be awarded in appropriate ceremonies.   A  Life Member shall thereafter be exempt from payment of annual membership dues.  (PCP By- Laws, May 2023)

Life Fellows refer to Past Presidents of the College, members of the Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine and/or Full Professors of medicine in colleges or schools of medicine duly accredited by the PCP.  A Life Fellow is exempted from paying annual membership dues. 

Senior Fellows refer to a fellow of the College who has reached the age of sixty-five (65), and who has been a member in good standing for the last ten consecutive years and regularly pays the annual dues, automatically becomes a Senior Fellow.   He/She shall be exempt from payment of annual dues, assessments, convention fees and other requirements of active membership, but may enjoy all the privileges of a Fellow.

Fellow Emeritus refers to a senior fellow who gave significant contributions to the College subject to the approval of the Board of Regents.  (PCP By-Laws, May 2023)

Honorary Fellows. A member of the medical profession who is generally recognized as occupying a position of honor or eminence in the practice of Internal  Medicine or  any  of  its   subspecialties  or  in medical research may be conferred an Honorary Fellowship in the College upon the recommendation of the PSBIM, duly approved by the Board of Regents.  Honorary Fellows shall have all the privileges of a Fellow but may not vote or hold office and shall have no financial obligations to the College.