Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.57 No.3)

Volume 57 Number 3

July to September 2019

 C O N T E N T S


Evolving Medical Literature

Pelagio L. Esmaquel, Jr., M.D.

Legal Prescription

Mature Minor Doctrine

Atty. Rodel V. Capule M.D.

Original Article

Predictive National Health and Nutrition Education Survey on Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Lilibeth Maravilla, M.D.; David Raymund Salvador, M.D.; and Maria Teresa Abola, M.D.

Second-day Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) Score as Predictor in 30–Day Hospital Mortality among Filipino Adult Patients who Presented with Sepsis at the Emergency Department

Christoper John N. Tibayan, M.D.; and Ferdinand G. Alcala, M.D.

Ten-Year Survival Analysis of Filipino Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute

Emily Mae L. Yap, M.D.; and Charito Cruz-Bermudez, M.D.

Outcome of Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients who Underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG) at Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center from January 2010 to December 2016

Lenor P. Fusin-Herrera, M.D.; and Rebecca Lim-Alba, M.D.

Clinical Profile and Outcomes of Filipino Lupus Patients with Myocarditis in a Tertiary Hospital

Patricia Pauline M. Remalante, M.D.; Marc Denver A. Tiongson, M.D.; Geraldine T. Zamora, M.D.; and Jose Donato A. Magno, M.D.

Comparison of the Prevalence of Hypertension using Three Proposed Classifications in a Single Center Primary Prevention Setting

Emily Mae L. Yap, M.D.; Rhalp Jaylord L. Valenzuela; and Gerald C. Vilela, M.D.

Case Report

Pleural Effusion as an Initial Presentation of Dermatomyositis: A Case Report

Yves Jean Y. Liong, M.D.; and Ivy Catherine T. Rivera-Go, M.D.

Primary Spinal Epidural Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: A Case Report

Kristianne A. Payad, M.D.; and Dax Ronald Librado, M.D.

Acute Coronary Syndrome Non-ST Elevation in a Young Lady

Bryan Rene Toledano, M.D.; Emily Mae Yap, M.D.; and James Ho, M.D.


Mutations and Other Biomarkers in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma with Implications in the Philippine Setting

Joven Q. Tanchuco, M.D.