Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.54 No.2)

Volume 54 Number 2
April - June 2016 Issue






How a Submitted Manuscript is Processed at PJIM

Linda Lim-Varona, M.D.


Legal Prescription

Prescribing Dangerous Drugs and the Law (Part 1)

Atty. Rodel V. Capule M.D.


Special Feature

The Philippine Health Agenda for 2016 to 2022

Esperanza I. Cabral, M.D.


Original Papers

Marc Gregory Yu, M.D.; Ryan Torres, M.D.; Diana Francesca Tuano, M.D.; Raissa Marie Tud, M.D.; Arlene Umali, M.D.; Christine Hope Umandap, M.D.; Mikhail Lew Ver, M.D.; Ralph Elvi Villalobos, M.D.; Ana Patricia Villanueva, M.D.; Katrina Lenora Villarante, M.D.; Liz Villasenor, MD; Ada Lyn Yao, MD; Mari Anne Yorobe, MD; Anna Carmina Zantua, MD; and Wilson Zuniga, MD; Liz Villasenor, MD, Ada Lyn Yao, MD, Mari Anne Yorobe, MD1, Anna Carmina Zantua, MD, Wilson Zuniga, MD
Amy A. Lopez, M.D.; Erick S. Mendoza, M.D.; Valerie Ann U. Valdez, M.D.; Leilani B. Mercado-Asis, M.D., PhD, MPH
Case Report
Kechida Melek, M.D.; Hammami Sonia, M.D.; Bouteraa Walid, M.D.; Njim Leila, M.D.; Klii Rim, M.D.; Zakhama Abdelfatteh, M.D.; Khochtali I, M.D.


Ramon Miguel Molina, M.D.; Aileen Anne Lim, M.D.; Cybele Lara Abad, M.D.; Evelyn Victoria Reside M.D.


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