Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.37 No.2)

Volume 37 Number 2

March - April 1999 Issue


Original Articles

Cumulative Survival Rate among Recognized (Hospitalized) and Unrecognized (Non-Hospitalized) Acute Myocardial Infarction Industry-Based Filipino Patients

Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., M.D., Antonio N. Dans, M.D., Dante D. Morales, M.D., and Emiliano B. Canonigo, M.D.


The Ubiquitous Digitalis: Unmet Needs and Persistent Fears Regarding its Indications

Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., M.D.


Subcutaneous Panniculitic T-Cell Lymphoma: A Case Report

Ronald S. Perez, M.D., Pearlie R. Pasco-Portugal, M.D., Alberto Frederick M. Celestial, M.D., Ma. Lorelyn Libalib, M.D., Amelita T. Tanglao, M.D., and Juanito B. Bilote, M.D.


Retrospective Assessment of Osteoporosis Risk Factors among Filipino Men and Women

Charlito F. Cruz-Bermudez, M.D., Sandra T. V. Navarra, M.D., Angel de Guzman, M.D., and Tito P. Torralba, M.D.


Autoimmune Hypoglycemia

Jane T. Toledo-Doctora, M.D., Bennyson Young G. So, M.D., Leo T. Gallardo, M.D., Sandra Theresa F. Victorino-Navarra, M.D., and Leilani B. Mercado-Asis, M.D.


Specific Gravity as a Measure of Renal Concentrating Ability: A Comparison between Hydrometry and Reagent Strip Methodology

Roderick B. Tambuyat, M.D., Ariel M. Pimping, M.D., Milo G. Villena, M.D., Eugenio A. Picazo, M.D., and Alberto O. Daysog, Jr., M.D.


Infections in Renal Transplant Recipients at St. Luke’s Medical Center

Cristobal C. Dumo, Jr., M.D., Adrian C. Peña, M.D., Jennifer A. Chua, M.D., Karen Rosario C. Licuanan, M.D., Monina H. Veloso, M.D., and Carina V. Dalay, M.D.


Dietary Fiber Intake and Colon Cancer Incidence in Metro Manila

Marietta B. Pangan, Celeste C. Tanchoco and Arsenia J. Cruz


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