Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.22 No.1)

Volume 22 Number 1

January - February 1984 Issue



Original Articles

Clinical Profile of Amebic Liver Abscess among Filipinos

Eulenia T. Rasco, M.D., Venancio I. Glora, M.D., Ernest O. Domingo, M.D., and Andres U. Makalinao, M.D.

Upper Gut Panendoscopy in General Hospital

Adoracion A. Raymundo, M.D., Ernest O. Domingo, M.D., Venancio I. GLoria, M.D., and Andrea U. Makalinao, M.D.

Essaven® in the Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Adoracion A. Raymundo, M.D., and Ernesto O. Domingo, M.D.

Ceftriaxone Therapy in Different Cause of Infection

Ruben E. Siasoco, M.D., and Alex V. Varilla, M.D.

Pivmecillinam in the Treatment of Acute Lower Urinary Tract infections

Ruben E Siasoco, M.D., and Norbert Lingling, M.D.

Disseminated Cyptococcosis – A  Case Report

Orlando G. Florete, Jr., M.D., Calixto Zaldivar, M.D., Martiniano Zanoria, M.D., Renato B. Dantes, M.D., and Camilo Roa, M.D.

Pleural Effusion and Gynecological Tumors – U.P.-P.G.H. Medical Center Experience

Marshall Chestter Ching, M.D., Camilo C. Roa and Calixto A. Zaldivar, M.D.

An Assessment of Compositional Changes in Human Anterior Lens Due to Diabetes

Benigno D. Peczon, Ph.D.

A Clinical Trialof Buflomedil in Patients with Thromboangitis Obliterans and Peripheral Arteriosclerotic Occluive Disease

Enrique T. Ona, M.D., and Irma Gueco, M.D.

A Double-Bine Comparative Trial of Sodium Cromoglycate Using Pressurized Aerosol vs. Spinhaler in the Treatment of Asthma

Benigno F. Agbayan, M.D., and Wufrido J. Nantes, M.D.

Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Diclofenac NA, Meperidine HCL and Nabuphine HCL in Post-Operative Analgesia

Danilo E. Carlos, M.D.


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