Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.21 No.4)

Volume 21 Number 4

July - August 1983 Issue



Original Articles

Immunosuppressive Treatment in Myasthenia Gravis with Thymoma

Mertesio C. Perez, M.D., and Lina D. Renales, M.D.

Ventricular Extension of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage

D.R. Martin, M.D., F. L. Hernandez, M.D., O.C. Adapon, M.D., and B. D. Adapon, M.D.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Divina R. Martin, M.D., F. L. Hernandez, M.D., Benjamin D. Adapon, M.D., O.C. Adapon, M.D., and Martesio C. Perez, M.D.

The Neurological and Neuropsychological Profile of Primary Parkinsonism among Filipinos

Lourdes K. Ledesma, Ph.D., Ma. Salome T. Nicdao, M.D., and Martesio C.Perez, M.D.

Recognition of INH-Toxicity Seizures

Divina R. Martin, M.D. and Lizbeth de Padua, M.D.Isaac’s Disease, A Case Report

Ma. Salome T. Nicdao, M.D., Regina Macalintal-Canlas, M.D., Admundo G. Saniel, M.D. and Victor A. Reyes, M.D.


Olivo-Pontocerebellar Degeneration

Irene B. Roman-Igual, M.D., Benjamin D. Adapon, Jr., M.D., Ofelia C. Adapon, M.D., Martesio C. Perez, M.D., and Reynaldo D. Rivera, M.D.

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