Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.21 No.2)

Volume 21 Number 2

March - April 1983 Issue



Original Articles

Resistance Profile of Commonly Isolated Microorganisms in Various Metro Manila Hospitals: An In-Vitro Study

Ofelia M. Sanchez-Ruiz, M.D., Rosario L. Cecilio, M.D., Adrian C. Peña, M.D., and Ruben E. Siasoco, M.D.

Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunctionin Diabetes Mellitus

Rosario V. Yabon, M.D., Aurora V. Cinco, M.D., and Teofilo O.L. San Luis, M.D.

The Clinical Significance of Colloid Osmotic Pressure Determination in the Classification of Pleural Effusions

D.N. Cacanindin, M.D., C.Taddy, M.D., F. Ayuyao, M.D., M. Bautista, M.D., C. Mison, M.D.,A. Lardizabal, M.D., T. de Guia, M.D.

Cancer of the Pancreas

Jose Sollano Jr., M.D., and Jesus Y. Perez Jr., M.D.

Chemotherapy of Recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma with Combinations of Cisplatin + Bleomycin vs Cisplatin + VP-16: A Preliminary Report

Gloria R. Cristal-Luna, M.D., and Ma. Fita Guzman, M.D.

The Relative Frequency pf Malignancies in the UPCM-PGH Medical Center, 1975-1981

Betty C. Talaver, M.D., Divina B. Esteban, M.D., Margarita D. Jimenez, M.D., Antonio H. Villalon, M.D., and Bernardino M. Agustin, M.D.

Clinical Evaluation of Ticarcillin in Aerobic or Anaerobic Gram-Negative Infections

Benjamin M. Limson, M.D., and Mary Ann Lansang, M.D.

A Clinical Study of Cefoperazone: A Multicenter Study

Mario Alix, M.D., Ver Arreza, M.D., Sergio Brillantes, M.D.,Romeo Estrellado, M.D., Cecilio Gempesaw, M.D., Rafael Monteron, M.D., flora Pacasio, M.D., Mediadora Claudio-Saniel, M.D.


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