Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.59 No.1)


Legal Prescription

A physician’s folly? Issuing a medical certificate “not for medicolegal purpose”


Position Statement

COVID-19 Vaccination in Patients with Autoimmune Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases (AIIRD)

Michael Tee MD, Harold Gomez MD, Evan Vista MD, Rogelio Balagat MD, Evelyn Salido MD, Melchor Siriban MD


Original Article

The Effect of Health Education on Blood Pressure in an Urban Poor Community

Patricia Agunod-Cheng, MD,1 Ranulfo B. Javelosa, Jr., MD,1 Gerald C. Vilela, MD,1,2 Marcelito L. Durante, MD,1 Mercedita A. Parazo, MSPH,1 Celia Alino, RMT,1 Linda Munoz, RMT, MHSc,1 Deodora Tuzara, RMT,1 Purificacion V. Ortega,1 and Ana Marie O. Medina,1

Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 is associated with High-density lipoprotein in Systemic sclerosis Female patients

Antonio Álvarez-Cienfuegos, MD, PhD,1 Lucia Cantero-Nieto, MD,2 José Alberto García-Gómez; PhD,3 José Luis Callejas-Rubio, MD, PhD,4 Javier Martin, PhD,5 Norberto Ortego-Centeno, MD, PhD.4,6,7


Acute Kidney Injury in COVID-19 is Associated with Mortality: A Meta-Analysis

Ni Made Putri Lastiana, MD,1 Marianto, MD,1 Dian Daniella, MD1

Spleen Factor: The Spleen’s Role as a Respiratory Organ

Rafael Lorenzo G. Valenzuela,1 Manuel C. Jorge, MD, FPCP, FPCCP,1,2,3 Mark Anthony S. Sandoval, MD, FPCP, FPSEDM1,2,4


Secondary Renal Amyloidosis in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient

Lilik Sukesi, MD,1,2 Guntur Darmawan, MD,2,3 Stefanie Yuliana Usman, MD,2 Laniyati Hamijoyo MD,2,4 and Ria Bandiara, MD, PhD 1,2


The Philippine Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) ProfileStudy: Clinical Profile and Factors Associated with Mortality of Hospitalized Patients

Maria Luz Joanna B. Soria, MD, FPCP, FPCC,1,2 Leslie Q. Quiwa, MD, FPCP, FPSEDM,3 Ma. Kristine Joy S. Calvario,Jose Eduardo D. Duya, MD, FPCP, FPCC5 Rommel B. Punongbayan, MD, FPCP,6 and Frederic Ivan L. Ting, MD, FPCP, DPSMO7

Case Report

Complete Excision of a Rare Case of Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma (SEGA) in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Norman D. Pagar, MD, FPCP,1 Maria Anna De Guzman, MD, FPNA,1 and Criscely L. Go, MD, FPNA, DPBP1


Timely and Conservative Anticoagulation in Septic Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis: A Case Report

Kevin Paul DA. Enriquez, DPCP,1 Muktader Kalbi, FPNA,1 Salip Nastra Jumaani, FPCP1

Rifampicin-Induced Thrombocytopenia: A Case Report

Denise C. De Los Reyes, MD,1 Maria Carmen D. Ang, MD, FPCP, FPSAA,2 Heide P. Abdurahman, MD, FPCP, PSHBT,3,

Jessie F. Orcasitas, MD, FPCP, FPCCP4