Remembering Dr. Ramon Abarquez

 Article by Dr. Iris Thiele Isip-Tan Posted online 12:35 am 26 January 2018

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ON MIC. When Dr. Abarquez holds the mic, prepare for answers. (Photo by Dr. Jean Alcover-Banal)

On the morning of 10 January 2018, I received an SMS from my husband telling me that Dr. Ramon Abarquez had passed away. It set off a wave of memories, of things half-remembered but indelible. Let me write ten random things about him here, as a humble send-off for a great teacher!


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A Eulogy for Dr. Ramon F. Abarquez

Eulogy by Eugene F. Ramos Posted online 11:30 PM, 25 January 2018

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 DR. RAMON F. ABARQUEZ (Photo by Dr. Jean Alcover-Banal)


Agnes, the children and grandchildren of Dr. Abarquez, good evening.

So many people have spoken and written about Dr. Abarquez since he died, but those are nothing compared to how we listened and looked up to him, sometimes in awe, when he was alive. Images–of how he would stand up, approach the microphone, and ask those insightful questions or share those aha moments–are still fresh in our minds and will stay alive in the years to come in conference halls where traditional thinking creates so much noise. We remember how he’d chuckle when people mistook his wisdom for mischief, and how he’d walk back to his seat with that characteristic gait and a grin on his face, perhaps amused that he was disturbing the equanimity of lesser beings. 

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