The 2017 PCP Exemplars: leading the advancement of Internal Medicine as a specialty

Posted online 11:12 AM, November 19, 2017; First published in September 2017


EXEMPLARS. The 2017 PCP Exemplars with PCP President Nenita Avena-Collantes (leftmost) and PCP Vice President Kenneth Hartigan-Go (rightmost)


The Most Distinguished Physician

Angeles Tan-Alora, MD, FPCP

Dr. Gonzalo F. Austria Memorial Award

This is the highest award PCP bestows to its members for outstanding local and international

achievements currently or in the past as a practicing internist, researcher, teacher, health care advocate, or community developer leading to the advancement of Internal Medicine as a specialty. Dr. Tan-Alora is recognized for her noble vocation especially in the field of Bioethics, her nine worthy publications, DOH and PHREB positions she holds for many years, and the countless workshops and lectures in bioethics and related issues she had conducted all over the Philippines.


Dr. Angeles Tan-Alora delivering her speech after being awarded as PCP's 2017 Most Distinguished Physician

The Health Care Advocate

Araceli A. Panelo, MD, FPCP

PCP Distinguished Health Care Advocate

PCP recognizes the awardee’s impact in public health or preventive medicine on a national or global level, concerning policies that address social inequity in health care. Dr. Panelo is recognized for her dedication, perseverance, and leadership in the realization of her noble vision to establish the Consortium of Government Diabetes Clinics and to empower clinicians all over the country through education on the diagnosis of diabetes, prevention of its complications and excellent care of afflicted individuals.


The Community Developer

Roberto C. Mirasol, MD, FPCP

PCP Distinguished Community Leader

This award is an acknowledgment of the member’s impact in public health or preventive medicine on the local or grassroots level that empowers the community, especially in medically underserved areas. Dr. Mirasol is commended for his unwavering dedication and excellent leadership in empowering the community in addressing diabetes, obesity and thyroid cancers. His being a servant leader is reflective in his national and international collaborations, foremost of which is the establishment of the Philippine Thyroid Cancer Survivors and CAMP COPE (a camp for children with type 1 diabetes), and the training of endocrinologists who are now servant leaders in every region of the Philippines.


The Mentor-Educator

Manuel C. Jorge II, MD, FPCP

PCP Distinguished Teacher

The award represents peer recognition of the member’s effectiveness as teacher in the transfer of information, evaluation, and role modeling. He or she possesses depth and breadth of knowledge, and dedication to teach and nurture students and peers. Dr. Jorge is lauded for being a great source of inspiration for learners, both young and old; for exhibiting coolness and simplicity in disposition, yet gets things done efficiently; for his dedication to teach and to serve, with determination and compassion, and not only a teacher but a real mentor and a true friend to many.


The Researcher

Raul V. Destura, MD, FPCP

PCP Distinguished Researcher

The awardee’s research career must include the following highlights: impeccable ethical reputation in the field of research; active research and/or directing research work in an institution/organization; with published work over a 5-year period as an author, co-author, in a local and/or international publication; and research works have been accepted for presentation – as author or co-author in local or international meetings. Dr. Destura is acclaimed for being a clinician-scientist who continuously tries to narrow down the gap between Basic Science, Medical Science, Biotechnology and community service by forging strong collaboration among disciplines to reach a focused goal, for receiving an international grant of US$4,000,000; for discovering a state-of-the-art, molecular dengue test that works better than anything that has ever been developed; and for being a great patriot and humanitarian with a research vision to change the Philippines and the world for the better.


The Practicing Internist

Rene I. Juaneza, MD, FPCP

PCP Distinguished Internist

This award represents peer recognition of the Awardee’s clinical excellence and ethical practice of Internal Medicine, marked by the demonstration of versatility and holistic approach as the patient’s personal doctor and healthcare manager. Dr. Juaneza is cited for his righteous practice of Internal Medicine, serving patients with utmost dedication, empathy and compassion above personal gain.