1, Policies concerning examination fees

1.1.    No refunds are allowed.

1.2.    If for justifiable reasons, a candidate is unable to take the written examination, he must state in writing (addressed to the PSBIM chair) the reason/s for the withdrawal and must be submitted not later than three (3) weeks before the scheduled date of the examination.  The examination fee shall then be credited to future examinations, but shall be valid only for a period of two (2) years.  Failure to formally withdraw from an examination will automatically cause the forfeiture of the corresponding payment.   In the event an increase in the examination fee is implemented, the prevailing fee at the time the candidate applies to take the exams shall be the reference amount and the balance shall be settled in full. 

1.3.    Candidates who fail to show up on the examination date without prior written notice will automatically forfeit the payment of the exam fee.