Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.53 No.4)

Volume 53 Number 4
October- December 2015 Issue





Legal Prescription

Who Should Switch off the Life-Support Machine?
Atty. Rodel V. Capule M.D.


Original Papers

Correlation of Postprandial Lipemia with Postprandial Hyperglycemia and Poor Glycemic Control Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Jean Abigaile R. Castro-Caringal, M.D.; Erick S. Mendoza, M.D.; Leilani B. Mercado-Asis, M.D.
Comparison of the Different Pain Assessment Scales Used in Adult Patients Seen at the Philippine General Hospital Rheumatology Out-Patient Clinic
Juneth Ria R. Limgenco-Hipe, M.D.; Angeline Magbitang, M.D.; Allan Corpuz, M.D.; Ana Hernandez, M.D.; Kenneth Tee, M.D.; Evelyn O. Salido, M.D.
Noradrenaline vs Terlipressin for Hepatorenal Syndrome (No To Hepatorenal Syndrome)
Farrah Haidee Lynne P. Pedracio, M.D.; Kenneth G. Samala, M.D.; Jezreel L. Taquiso, M.D.; Janus P. Ong, M.D.
Case Report
Priapism as a Rare Presentation of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Mary Ervie DC Boongaling, M.D.; Sharon Rose C. Mortel, M.D.; Rosalinda P. Deala, M.D.


Clinical Trails



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