Phil. Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.53 No.3)

Volume 53 Number 3
July- September 2015 Issue




Working with the Government Sector for Better Health Outcomes
Jubert P. Benedicto, M.D.


Legal Prescription

Should Treated Cases of Physical Injuries be Reported to Police Authorities?
Atty. Rodel V. Capule M.D.


Manila Declaration on the Availability and Use of Health Research Information and in for Low- and Middle-Income Countries in the Asia Pacific Region


Clinical Practice Guidelines

Jose D. Sollano, M.D.; Rommel P. Romano, M.D.; Leticia Ibañez-Guzman, M.D.; Marie Antoinette DC Lontok, M.D.; Sherrie Q. de Ocampo, M.D.; Allan A. Policarpio, M.D.; Roberto N. de Guzman Jr., M.D.; Carmelita D. Dalupang, M.D.; Augusto Jose G. Galang, M.D.; Ernesto G. Olympia, M.D.; Maria Anna L. Chua, M.D.; Bernadette A. Moscoso, M.D.; Jose A. Tan, M.D.; John Arnel N. Pangilinan, M.D.; Arnold O. Vitug, M.D.; Marichona C. Naval, M.D.; Danilo A. Encarnacion, M.D.; Peter P. Sy, M.D.; Evan G. Ong, M.D.; Oscar T. Cabahug, M.D.; Maria Lourdes O. Daez, M.D.; Albert E. Ismael, M.D.; Joseph C. Bocobo, M.D.


Original Papers

Michelle Marie Q. Pipo, M.D.; Marievi A. Lelis, B.Sc.; Jonas Q. Javelona, M.D.
Caroline Bernadette O. King Kay, M.D.; Lennie D. Quimio, M.D.; Julie Christie G. Visperas, M.D.; Jose Hesron D. Morfe, M.D.; Evelina N. Lagamayo, M.D.
Mark Lester S. Sy, M.D.; Jade D. Jamias, M.D.
Case Report
A Filipino with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus-Scleroderma Overlap Syndrome
Kristian Anteolin D. Punzalan, M.D.; Patrick Y. Siy, M.D.; Engelbert Simon S. Perillo, M.D.; Lorielle Marie E.S. Galvez, M.D.; Sandra Tankeh-Torres, M.D.; Philip U. Chua, M.D.

Transient Hepatocellular Injury Associated with Hypertriglyceridemia and Hemolysis in an Alcoholic Filipino Male
Dennis Danilo, C. Acosta Jr., M.D.; Daniel Parungao, M.D.; Ma. Angelina Mirasol, M.D.; Rosauro Valenzuela, M.D.


Clinical Trails

Mary Ann Roa, M.D.; Cecille Cruz, M.D.; Yun Chen, M.S.; Steve C Chen, M.D.; Diana M Edralin, M.D.
Araceli A. Panelo, M.D.; Maria Pamela S. Chua, M.D.; Marievi A. Lelis, B.S.; Pauline Joy A. Pastor, M.S.; Raymond V. Oliva, M.D.


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